Forever sunkissed skin, soft and supple curves, beachy waves with the scent of lavender, and a radiant and welcoming smile like the sun shining over tropical islands- MissPersuasian XO is that cute, bubbly Asian flower with a sweet soothing voice that you've had pinned under the covers screaming into the pillows in the back of your mind.

Born and raised a Southern girl, this fresh and vibrant beauty is well-traveled, well-educated, and well-endowed with a gorgeous rack and a down to earth sensuality that warms you up and invites you to come inside. As cool and calm as she seems, she is a perfectionist that works with every fiber of her being to impress. She entices you with her overflowing cleavage & worldly knowledge.

You catch her gaze as she slides over to you, curvaceous hips swaying in smooth rhythm. There is something about the exotic almond shape of her brown eyes. As she is lost in wild thoughts, a slight crooked smile on her wet, voluptuous lips, there is something about her that teases- surely this Miss Persuasian couldn't be as innocent and naive as she appears.

Don't be fooled. On the surface I may be your sweetheart GND.. but they say everyone has a dark side, a sinful side. For me, this ultimate indulgence of senses and desires is what truly makes me feel alive. Your companionship is a drug and behind closed doors, I just can't get enough. I live for the chase.. I thrive on pushing my limits to the edge in search of an even purer nirvana.

The real question is:

are you ready to submit to your wild side?

Miss Persuasian XO | Traveling Sexplorer